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Make The Bag You Want With Carmazzi 1bag Modular Laptop Bag System

When you travel, you’ll want to have a good laptop bag. The problem is that so many bags are either missing features that you need or they have features that you don’t need. The 1bag system from Carmazzi is supposed to address that.

It’s modular. What this means is that none of the pockets are actually attached to the panels themselves and the bag can be expanded with additional compartments and sections on the fly. There is no set configuration; you buy what you need and build the bag you want, reconfiguring it as needed.

Naturally, there are a bunch of accessories (which they like to refer to as apps, even though they’re not apps at all) that you can buy too, attaching them to the bag when you want to do so. Get an extra power brick, solar panel, fashion flap, or whatever else.

I’m not completely convinced how well all those modular-ness will hold up against the bumps and bumbles of everyday life, but it seems like an interesting idea and we’ll have to wait and see when we get our hands on one. The core system starts at $89.95, then you tack on the accessories that you need for however much extra cash.




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  1. I believe these pockets and add-on expanders are connected via zippers and velcro and padded with neoprene.

    I would be comfortable buying this if how the pockets are connected have similarities to a molle system as well as a sturdy, well-padded bottom section for more protection for your devices 😀

    Also I’d go for a durable fabric like ballistic nylon, parachute nylon or bionic yarn for a business backpack, messenger or travel bag with the neoprene/silicon and tarpaulin-like interior for a sturdier shape. In reference to the molle system, a fabric used for military backpacks is good as well. Also for duffel types, metal bag feet can be strategically placed to support the bag, given a sturdy base.

    Overall, the concept is nice. I’m giving suggestions based on the materials used on my everyday bags and travel bags.

  2. Hi there, thanks for showing us how we can our safety bag, and i say safety because it’s looks like you can carry even a lots of money with that, not even your laptop. And it’s cheaper than to buy it from some shop.

  3. The zipper must be strong to hold the compartments and sections of the 1bag. Does it have stopper or something that will hold its apps from disassembling in its core system?

  4. If you’re thinking about how the bag will hold up i think it’s by zipper. but when we talked about the additional pockets, I’m not really sure but it really looks like Velcro or something.

  5. Nice very nice for my laptop bag.

  6. Nice concept. I wonder how the attachments will hold up.

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