Check In at Home and Track History with New GMaps for Android

While I am certain there are a lot of people who feel otherwise, I’m still not sold on the whole “checking in” to places thing, whether it be through Foursquare, Facebook, or Google. That said, the newest release of Google Maps for Android devices might actually help with some work-life balance issues.

Google Maps 5.3 for Android adds in something called location history. By doing this through Google Latitude, you can see how much time you spent at work, how much time you spent at home, and how much time you spent going out. The dashboard is pretty neat, actually, reminding you that you go out too much and should stay home more often (or maybe vice versa).

And yes, you can “check in” at home now. This is specific to you and it’s a way to let your friends now that you’ve made it home safe after a late night of drinking and other debauchery. The good news is that the location history is private.

This kind of functionality isn’t really for me, but hey, if you’re already checking into Foursquare and Facebook Places, you might as well track your habits with the Latitude bit too. Google Maps 5.3 for Android is available now for OS 1.6+ devices.


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