Next-Gen Apple Peel 520 Cellularizing iPod Touches Monday

The first generation Apple Peel 520 left something to be desired, but it looks like Yosion is ready to give its iPod Touch-converting case another chance.

The second generation version of the Apple Peel is set to hit random retailers in China this Monday, March 28. If you happen to have a friend hanging out in Shanghai, you can get him or her to ship one over for your iPod touch, giving it iPhone-like capabilities. Naturally, you’ll need to jailbreak your iPod touch first.

It’ll still do the voice and text thing as the older version, but the new Apple Peel 520 will toss in some GPRS data connectivity. This is going to be painfully slow for anything more than text-based e-mails, but at least it’s something if you don’t happen to be bathing in some Wi-Fi.

Pricing is expected to be in the $79 to $90 range.


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