Mp3 Trojan Successfully Hacks 2009 Car Computer

We always knew this day would come. And now, it’s been proven: Cars are susceptible to malware.

Teams at the UCSD and the University of Washington have managed to hack into an unspecified 2009 vehicle using a trojan virus hidden in an Mp3 disc inserted into the audio deck. The virus allegedly altered the car stereo’s firmware creating an entry point to other components of the vehicle.

The researchers were then able to gather information such as GPS data and the Vehicle Identification Number – and were even able to control the locks, brakes and engine remotely.

The hack isn’t likely to be taken advantage of on a large scale given that different models of stereos and cars have specialized firmware.

But the implications are huge: Now that people know it can be done, I’ll be surprised if they don’t do it.

[via Boing Boing]

(Photo: Even technology needs it, a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from pnglife’s photostream)

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  1. Ndojnex says:

    Interesting since no Lexus in 2009 came with a cassette player…. This looks more like a 99-00 vehicle but nice try.

  2. super lawls u-dub in partnership with some random other school managed to make a mp3 trojan that rooted a 2009 car computer. it allowed access to the cars other systems effectivly making it a remote control car…

  3. Alexrobertson1991 says:

    its fucks like you that spread it all over the internet so people know about it. interesting though lol

    • Mr Dc0de says:

      Should it be kept hidden, so only those who know can hack your car? Or would you rather it be brought to the public eye, so that the Auto Manufacturers, and ALL OTHER areas of industry that are “computerizing” can take notice? This is how we grow as a culture, by learning from our mistakes. This is simply an article that exposes a mistake. It doesn’t point fingers at one company, but a failing of the industries to take notice of the issues with computerizing systems without having someone look at it for flaws.

      Consider this a Public Service Announcement. Or just go bury your head in the sand.

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