Xoom Firmware Update Tonight Prepares for Flash 10.2 Release March 18

Tonight Motorola will be updating the firmware on their Xoom tablets, installing the “required enhancements” to make way for upcoming Flash 10.2. That doesn’t mean you Xoomers will have the promised Flash capabilities just yet, but the company has announced on its Facebook page that 10.2 will be available for download as of March 18.

Aside from preparing your slate for the Adobe update, the firmware will be taking care of a bug relating to Daylight Savings Time issues.

Adobe on the 18th plans to provide “smooth playback of high-def video content, uncompromised web browsing, an enhanced Flash gaming experience and more.”

If you’ve got 3G on your Xoom, you can expect the firmware over the air something this weekend.

[Motorola via Adobe]

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