Tembo Trunks Collapsible Silicone Speaker Cones Amp Up Your iPod

You’ve got your iPod for your own personal music enjoyment, but what about when you want to share those tunes? You could pack a set of portable speakers, but those can take up too much room and not offer enough power. The Tembo Trunks, though, might be an interesting alternative.

They’re not really speakers. Instead, they take on your iPod earbuds and amplify the sound coming out of them to about 80dB. You know how you can take a traffic cone and use it as a megaphone for your voice? Kinda the same deal, except these are silicone, they’re collapsible, and they’re for your iBuds.

The developers have met their required startup capital on Kickstarter to get the tooling done. Pledge at least $39 and they promise to send you a pair of Tembo Trunks when they hit production in 50 or so days.

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  1. Jirad says:

    Come it to the Netherlands?
    I know a lot of people. they want to buy this item.

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