$1 To Japan For Each Facebook Like

$1 To Japan For Each Facebook Like


japan-miyajima-640x480 $1 To Japan For Each Facebook Like

Our good friends at AViiQ who manufacture all kinds of mobile accessories, have just tweeted that they will reach out to those troubled in Japan by the recent catastrophic earthquake and tsunami by donating $1 for each Facebook like they receive. Japan was hit by one massive 8.9 richter earthquake early on the morning of 3/11, and they continue to experience seismic activity totaling over 100 tremors in the last 24 hours. This has also caused a catastrophic backlash across the global fault lines creating more activity from volcanos and other faults than normal. Not many people are thinking about relief just yet, but its good to start early. We know big organizations and governments will pool tax dollars claiming to provide relief once their marketing campaigns are perfected, but we saw how well they manage funds in the past; Katrina.  It’s up to us to make things happen.

All you have to do is Facebook Like AViiQ and they will donate $1 for each like to Japan’s cause via the American Red Cross. Rather than horrifying you with the images as i’m sure we will see no end to, here’s one to remember the beauty of Japan.  Our prayers are with you all.

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