Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G Extends Telus Android Line


samsung_galaxy_s_fascinate_4g-telus  Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G Extends Telus Android LineYou know that whole kerfuffle in the United States over what it means to have a 4G network? It looks like that conversation has just crossed over into Canada, because Telus has just announced the newest addition to its collection: the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G.

Aside from the new chrome bezel, the other obvious upgrade over the previous model is the increase in wireless data spees. They claim you can do your surfing at up to 21Mbps, but as with all these claims, your mileage will likely be on the minus side of the give or take.

Rounding out the specs are the same 1GHz processor, Android 2.2 Froyo (upgradeable to Gingerbread later), TouchWiz 3.0, four-inch Super AMOLED, 5.0MP cam, microSD slot (with 16GB card included), and a 1650mAh battery.

Personally, I think I’d be more interested in doing the Motorola Atrix thing through Bell. Too bad that laptop dock is so bloody expensive.

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