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Nintendo 3DS Tackles Piracy with Remote Kill Switch?

This is starting to sound more and more like the popular thing to do to combat piracy, so I guess it should come as little surprise that Nintendo is starting to take on a similar tactic for its Nintendo 3DS.

Apparently, if Nintendo is able to detect that a 3DS is using “equipment which is illegal or unapproved by Nintendo,” it’s going to send out a system update that makes the system non-bootable. Similarly, if they detect that you “do customisation which is unapproved by Nintendo,” the company might do the same.

We all know this has to do with the flash cartridges where people load up their downloaded ROMs and play commercial games for free (illegally). Considering that we’ve seen Xbox 360s banned from Xbox Live and Wii firmware updates that kill previously functional mods, the porbable gamer really is no exception.

In this way, I don’t think it’s a “kill switch,” in the strictest sense. Instead, it sounds like it’s more of the same with mod-killing firware updates. Not surprisingly, Nintendo says that it can “not discuss product security details.”

[Euro Gamer]



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  1. I guess we just have to wait for Geohot to “fix” this for us. 😉

  2. @Brian, sounds good? If it would effect illigal copies yes, but here in the Netherlands I am allowed to make back up copies and play them, also I should be able to play my homemade 3DS games, without big N shutting down my system.
    This cant hold up in court here.

    Also, I already have one 😀 my local supplier sells when its in stock, so I own a 3DS 16 days before launch, unfortunately there are no games yet. but the camera and the AR cards are nice demonstration features.

    Another thing thats useless here in NL, the system is full with in-system licence agreements you need to agree to, for online use and the this-update-might-break-your-system-if-you-modded-it-so-dont-blame-us thing.
    None of these have any legal value here, since lincence agreements forced upon users after purchase hold no value here, unless its on the outside of the box… and it isn’t, I checked.
    Anyway I’m free to do what I want with it, its my system, and the agreements Nintendo forced upon me after my purchase have no value in the Netherlands.

  3. funny they say they can do that when the 3ds has a switch for turning wifi on and off. just turn your wifi off and problem solved or get 2 and use 1 for online and the other to play offline. its near impossible to update with no connection to the 3ds, unless nintendo miraculously figured out a way to transfer data with out a connection to the device, and i doubt street pass with transfer update data. we will 100% see a 3ds hack same as anything else that gets released, if apple cant null the iphone jailbreak i highly doubt nintendo can stop the mod world.

  4. i’ll see you in court. i bought the hardware, what i do with it is my business.
    bit like ford killing your motor each time you drive near a non ford dealer.

  5. Sounds good! Have always supported developers/ publishers by trying to buy new whenever possible, and do my best to avoid giving Gamestop my monies. I’m just concerned that the 3rd party perephrial market might dry up which would ultimately harm the 3DS

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