Fetus-Like Mobile Phone Is Creepy As Hell

A professor at Osaka University came up with a creepy human-shaped phone that tickles you when it rings. The phone looks like a cross between Casper the friendly ghost and the freaky mutant things in Silent Hill. You talk into the phone’s stomach and it speaks back to you, playing the voice of the person on the other line through its face.

It also moves and is supposed to mimic the head and face gestures of the person on the other line as they’re talking. The team behind Elfoid claims they made it look fetus-like and androgynous so that people can imagine Elfoid as whoever they want. The creepy creation comes from the mind of Hiroshi Ishiguro, a roboticist who created a realistic android based on himself. This newest Elfoid P1 creation appears to be a shrunken mobile version of the nightmarish Telenoid R1 from a year ago in the video below.

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