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Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi Only Model Selling for $539 at Sam’s Club?

Maybe that $800 asking price is far too rich for your blood and you’re not even interested in having 3G/4G cellular connectivity for the tablet on the go. If these photos are for real, then you could be in luck: a WiFi-only version of the Motorola Xoom might be had for just $539.

The rogue pictures were taken at a local Sam’s Club location and they have a series of cardboard placeholders in place for the WiFi-only tablet. The signage is clearly pointing toward a $539.00 asking price, which is a good $60 cheaper than the $599 that Motorola Mobility head honcho Sanjay Jha mentioned a couple weeks ago.

Then again, there are some significant errors in the signage. For starters, it says that the tablet is going to be powered by “Android 2.0 Homeycomb.” Unless we’re suddenly being thrown back to 1990s Fox sketch comedy, there’s a significant chance that Homey don’t play dat. It could be a weird knockoff from China (maybe a Moturola Xoon?), but it’s more likely that it’s just a bad typo on the part of the sign guys.

What do you think? Would a $539 “Homeycomb” tab from Moto stray you away from that iPad 2?

[via Droid Life]



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  1. With the next generation processors already in production for the fall, I am still in a holding pattern.

  2. Soon as it hits $499, i will buy 2. I tried the xoom and the ipad and xoom is the clear winner in specs, size, usability, etc. Best of all, I don’t need a laptop to sync. It all syncs to the web.

  3. it is a great deal, xoom/android win in RAM, display, multitasking, voice nevigation, usb & sd port, flash, notifications category
    ipad 2 wins in look, weight, app (for now)

  4. Can you tell us what store it is?

  5. Motorola really need to get the price down below IPad 2, say $469 .

  6. I would buy it at that price if I hadn’t already ordered a Notion Ink Adam. Then again, if I don’t like the Adam, I might sell it on eBay and buy this instead.

  7. I would buy it in a heartbeat if it was this price.

  8. Yes. God yes. Please God yes.

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