Atari 2600 Portable Gaming System Mod

Atari 2600 Portable Gaming System Mod


atari_2600_flashback_portable_1 Atari 2600 Portable Gaming System Mod

While Sony and Nintendo continue to make advances, striving to take handheld gaming consoles further, some are just looking for a step back. Sites like, the iCade arcade dock for iPad, cell-phone Pacman; they all take us back to the good days of 8-bit.

And now the Atari “Stella” handheld Flashback 2 console joins the ranks.

Built by “Mario,” the orange device has all the right features: A D-pad for the joystick, a paddle-control dial, the red button – even a 9-pin port for a second controller, all on a 3.5″ LCD screen. It even has a slot at the top big enough for the old game cartridges.

The orange console has a Gameboy SP battery built-in, and the guts of an Atari Flashback 2, getting 2 hours of battery life.

Check out the video for a full demo:

[Technabob via Ben Heck Forums]

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