Angry Farm For BlackBerry Rips Off Angry Birds

Angry Farm For BlackBerry Rips Off Angry Birds


BlackBerry-AngryFarm-660x3661 Angry Farm For BlackBerry Rips Off Angry Birds

Oh, BlackBerry. The smartphone that’s supposed to cater to people who work on Wall Street and wear three-piece suits. Just because you’re caught up all day in corporate mumbo-jumbo doesn’t mean you can’t fling a few birds. And that’s where Angry Farm comes into the picture. Sadly, there is very little in terms of creativity here. They just took Angry Birds, substituted the feathered friends for a series of barnyard second-stringers, and tossed them along on the same slingshot, attacking the same kinds of structures. Yeah, it’s not quite the same, but it’s pretty close. Just as the black bird can blow up and the yellow bird can speed up, the different farm animals also come with their own little abilities. There are thirty levels to be enjoyed in this $4.99 mobile game. You’ve really got to wonder, though, why Rovio’s legal team hasn’t gone out to combat some of these knockoffs. First we saw Angry Turds and now Angry Farm. You’d imagine that angry litigation would have to be next, no?

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