Reliving my Palm Pilot days with Verbatim Mobile Keyboard for iPad and iPhone

Way before I got into the world of smartphones (since they didn’t even exist at the time), I had a Palm Pilot PDA. I thought it was God’s gift to humankind. I could keep track of my schedule, take all kinds of notes, and have my entire contact list in the palm of my hand. It was also useful for writing my university papers. I didn’t have a laptop at the time, but I could whip out my fold-up keyboard, connect it to the PDA, open up a basic text editor and have at ‘er. The portability and versatility were great. And now, many many years later, we somehow find ourselves back at the same scenario with the newly announced Verbatim Mobile Keyboard.

Sure, it does Bluetooth instead of a physical connection and it’s for the iPad/iPhone rather than a Palm Pilot, but it’s still a fold-up QWERTY keyboard aimed to help you write on a device that can be hard to write on. It’s amazing how regardless of the leaps and bounds we’ve made in technology innovation, so many aspects still stay the same. Kinda sad, really.

The Verbatim keyboard is $79.99 and can be found at Fry’s and Amazon.

[Amazon via PR]

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