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Ryanair Launches The World’s First Free Mobile Roaming Service

On one side of the Atlantic, Canadians are fighting a new CRTC ruling that bans Internet service providers from offering unlimited internet bundles; on the other, U.K.-based Ryanair and Maxroam have launched the world’s first free mobile roaming service, which is live and ready as of Monday, the companies announced at the MWC.

Passengers who fly with Ryanair will be able to swap the SIM card in their cell phone with a Maxroam card, which allows free roaming and incoming SMS and calls. For outgoing text messages and mobile calls, users will be charged 9 cents each and 29 cents per minute, respectively.

“Maxroam products dramatically reduce customers’ mobile roaming costs when travelling across Europe,” said Kieran Sexton of Maxroam. “Calls are 40% cheaper than existing European rates and Ryanair passengers can buy a Maxroam SIM, which includes €20 call credit, for just €10 on ryanair.com. Maxroam SIM cards can be used anywhere in the world, in a standard GSM mobile phone while iPad and iPhone SIM cards are also available to allow all passengers to save even more with Ryanair.”

Canada, take note: This is the direction the world is heading.



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