Second-Gen Apple Peel 520 Really Looks Like The iPhone 4

The first Apple Peel 520 case for the iPod touch proved interesting, but it was certainly not without its problems. Now the second-gen version has been revealed and, at the very least, it looks a lot better.

Instead of looking like a fairly standard rubberized case, the idea with the new-gen Apple Peel 520 is that it not only adds iPhone-esque functionality to your iPod touch; it also adds an iPhone 4-esque look to it. If the people around you don’t look too closely, they probably would mistake your Peel’d iPod touch for an iPhone 4.

You even get those two round buttons on the left side for volume. They’ve added in a couple more round buttons on the other side, apparently for call and end. The aesthetic is certainly improved over the original, but is the performance? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

[micGadget via Yoison]

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  1. Michaelvamdergaag says:

    Looks good… But have known been resolved like text messages sent being in Chinees? And does it have gps? And is the housing made so you can remove the iPod more easily? Looking at the rear, Placement of thecamera is for the new 4G yay!

  2. Info says:

    Looks really good, a big step forward for yosion!

  3. TCR says:

    Whew.. Im really excited about this!! Gotta have it the minute it is released!!

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