Rumor: Bigger iPhone 5 + QWERTY Keyboard and iPhone Nano Phone

Yeah, the Verizon iPhone 4 is here, but it’s not really all that different from the GSM-friendly AT&T version. Most enthusiasts are more interested in the possibilities of the iPhone 5, but what are the latest rumors telling us?

First, let’s start with the iPhone 5 itself. By many indications, the next-gen iPhone will go with a bigger display. Up until now, all iPhone models have had a 3.5-inch screen. For the next one, Apple might opt for a four-incher, putting it in line with the Samsung Galaxy S and many other Android phones. This rumor seems awfully likely.

Second, we could be seeing a smaller iPhone. Call it the iPhone nano or the iPhone mini. The rumors are quite varied as to how much smaller (I’ve heard anywhere from 30% to 50% smaller), but they’re all pretty consistent in touting a $200 (sans contract) price. This would certainly go against the “elite” or “high-end” image that Apple products typically get, but we’ve seen this already happen to the iPod line in the past. Can you imagine an iPhone shuffle?

Third, some reports are pointing toward the possibility of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, not unlike the Palm Pre 3 or the T-Mobile G2. I find this much less likely, as Apple seems really bent on making for the sleek multitouch display interface. It would address a common gripe about the iPhone though.

[ via TechVibes, Photo: BoxWave iPhone 4 QWERTY Slider Case]

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  1. CJ says:

    they should, when u buy it, to either get it with or W/o the keyboard. just sayin

  2. Fgbjsf says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaaay m7laah  :P

  3. Tpayne1237 says:

    This would be awesome and still sort of stupid at the same time lol they should just make it androidish

  4. Chelsealeigh says:

    The I phone 4 is perfect it should stay exactly the way it is possibly come in different colors or something the people can have the option to change if they choose. A key board? No. I don’t think apple would do that. Apple makes sleek, high quality heavy duty, thick phones, not cheap slide out verizon plastic key board phones. Seems everyone is now trying to keep up with the iPhone. It’s just unbeatable.

  5. Dejesus819 says:

    i really like the idea of the detachable keyboard but for the different sizes on the phones i dont know i would rather like to see apple sick withe the 4in screen.

  6. Granty Slcoulling says:

    if they did this so many more people would buy this phone

  7. - says:

    if they’re going to do it, I think it should be detachable like an accessory. Those who don’t want the keyboard can slap on a battery in the place of the keyboard or some other device that can extend feature of the device

  8. Gary Oleksiak says:

    i watched a video on youtube and seen the effects check it out

  9. Gary Oleksiak says:

    i love this

  10. Just doesn’t look like an Apple product, too clunky and akward.. If anything I can see them minimizing the design for the 5th gen.

  11. NUN~UR~BIZZZ!! says:

    what about the iphone 3gs????? y cant it b on dat”???

  12. Nana says:

    i like a qwerty keyboard so if this comes to pass, i’ll probably pick up an iphone 5

  13. Randall_koenig says:

    i can see a 4” screen highly possible but a keyboard is not going to happen apple puts to much work in there screens and multi touch surf to use a keyboard there will be no keyboard not going to happen i would love to see the retnia display on a 4” screen myself cant wait to see though!

  14. Guest says:

    I agree I highly doubt apple would ever do this because their products are majority around being sleek, tech-savey and modern. Qwerty keyboards are a bit behind the “now” since touch screens are more popular. However i happen to love qwerty keyboards, and would enjoy having one on any phone, even an iPhone :)

  15. Vonn says:

    What is this apple world coming to…. All those new features definetly makes the phone less iphone like…. Taking the home button away??… Making a slide out keyboard??… that is just plain stupidity!!! Making the screen bigger i do agree but come on really?? Iphone nano? This phone is not exclusive but it is its own kind and only one type… Thats what makes people like me like it more…. They are gonna make their image a lot less high end or elite… Leave all those crazy features for the ipods and nanos…. Not the iphone!! Who agrees with me?

  16. Nightshade1283 says:

    Qwerty keyboard on the phone that made touch screens the craze in 90% of devices released in the last 4 yrs. Don’t make me laugh. I do give credit to the artist rendition @_@ of e iPhone picture listed in the article.

  17. Nick Laurie says:

    Can’t agree: 4″ screen might ‘just’ be possible but a mini iPhone would mess with the App Store revenue far too much to get past Steve Jobs – and a slide out keyboard just makes a whole bunch more hardware (keys) to go wrong … very un-apple (especially since there are [equally unsubstantiated] rumours that Apple want to ditch the home button).
    IMHO – of course!
    Nick Laurie

  18. iPhone Nano and QWERTY Keyboard won’t happen. A larger screen iPhone NEEDS to.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hardware keyboard on iPhone? iPhone nano? LOL WUT. This is a joke right?

    • With Steve Jobs MIA it seems that everything is going to hell..

    • Anonymous says:

      No I meant these rumors are a joke, obviously Apple would not do these things.

    • Docanax says:

      Yeah I know, Apple is all about being as sleek as possible. I just hope they come out with a 64GB model and maybe some changes in color at the very least. 4G speed, a faster processor and Face Time without being in a wi-fi area would be great additions as well.

    • Docanax says:

      Yeah you’re right, Steve Jobs probably has no say in anything anymore, he’s probably kept entirely out of the loop. Its not like the iPhone 5 has only been in the making since just last month when he took a leave. Whatever the phone may be or look like is almost irrelevant with the hype surrounding it and the only fact that will matter at the end of the day its an Apple product. I doubt the keyboard is an Apple characteristic, but I doubt it will halt its sales in any way. If they come out with a nano, regardless of how ridiculous I think small phones are, Im sure there is a market for it, I mean the nano iPod surprised me the first time around.

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