Otterbox’s Tough iPad “Utility” Case Straps To Anything


otterbox-latch-ipad-case-2 Otterbox's Tough iPad "Utility" Case Straps To Anything

Otterbox is known for their durable cases. I took a look at the Defender Case for iPad when it first came out and it has held up very nicely since. But what about those situations where you’re in the field and need a bit more “grip” and flexibility? Check out the new Utility Series Latch case, it has straps elastics and can really be positioned on to anything. It looks as though Otterbox crafted an addon for the Defender case, as the photos show the iPad in the Defender case with the Latch. The website isn’t clear about it but i’m guessing the $85 Defender is not included. Either way you can hang it off posts, beams, strap it to your palm, dangle it like a necklace, and its just $50. I’m still waiting for a waterproof one myself.

otterbox-latch-ipad-case-1 Otterbox's Tough iPad "Utility" Case Straps To Anything

[Giz via Otterbox]

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