Verizon iPhone now available to everyone


vzw-iphone Verizon iPhone now available to everyoneOne of the most anticipated, rumored and speculated mobile phones in history, the Verizon iPhone, has become available to everyone today. For the first time ever you could get the Apple iPhone on a carrier other than AT&T. 7 a.m. was the time people began lining up, which didn’t get too out of hand, just 8 people at the flagship New York City store near Central Park according to CNN.

Prior to this day it was only available in limited supply (aren’t most Apple products seemingly in “short supply” when they first come out?) to VZW customers. A 16GB Verizon iPhone 4 will cost you $200, and $300 for a 32GB. You can grab one at Verizon Wireless stores, Apple or Best Buy anytime you please. If you’re very eager to get off AT&T and on to Verizon, don’t forget that CDMA will not allow data and voice multitasking.

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