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Palm Pre 2 finally available for pre-order through Verizon

I’ve got some good news for all the Verizon subscribers in the audience. After all that waiting, the Palm Pre 2 is now available for your pre-ordering pleasure. Unfortunately, I have two bits of bad news for you too.

First, Verizon is only opening you up to pre-orders for now. The actual launch date hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, though the latest rumors are pointing toward a release on February 17. I suppose that’s better than “coming soon.”

Second, the phone is already obsolete. Did you catch the news about the Palm Pre 3 yesterday with its crazy 1.4GHz processor? Why do you buy the old and tired today when the new hotness is almost in your hands?

The Palm Pre 2, the Rogers version of which I reviewed last month, isn’t all that bad a phone, but I’d much rather have a Pre 3. You can probably expect the Verizon version of that after they reveal the Pre 4.




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  1. Just searched about wirely, aka Simplexity, and found the horror stories! Why did HP/Palm choose them for Pre-Orders!

    It is a really big disappointment for sure! Hardest part for me is that I work for them, and can’t get one through the way I am supposed to order them.
    All the Internal e-mails hyping the Pre 2 and then can’t even get one.
    They have failed the The Six-P Rule – Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

  2. Ok, did a search, and it looks like Simplexity IS wirefly. When I was at the Verizon store today, they warned me NOT to Use wirefly! Well, they were right.
    Oh I also got an e-mail telling me the accesories I ordered through HP Shopping for the Pre 2 shipped! Now, I will have the accessories for a Phone I don’t own, and can’t pre-order!
    Thanks HP/Palm for making it simple! FYI, KISS is what customers want! (KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid) Guess I’ll return the accessories I paid $160 for, and save the $99 on the Pre 2 I can’t order, and just shell out $199 for an iPhone 4. Hmm, that saves me $60!

  3. I placed my order through the link on the Palm Site, through their RESELLER Simplexity, not Verizon itself:
    Thank you for shopping with HP Wireless Central powered by Simplexity!
    We have received and are processing your order.

    Then, 2 hours later, I get an e-mail saying:

    ITEM CANCELLED: HP Wireless Central powered by Simplexity Order
    Thank you for your recent Verizon Wireless order. Unfortunately, we cannot process your request at this time. For your convenience, we are cancelling this phone and any accessories you purchased for this item on your order. You will receive an email like this for each ineligible or cancelled phone.

    Click Here to return to HP Wireless Central powered by Simplexity and place a new order.

    Thank you,
    The Customer Service Team at HP Wireless Central powered by Simplexity

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