iControlPad joystick clamps to your smartphone for enhanced mobile gaming

Playing games on the iPhone has always been a great experience. But I always felt that a company could launch a sweet controller that attaches to the phone to give you a better feel for the game and also enhancing the experience. This desire of mine has now been fulfilled. A product called “iControlPad” for the iPhone and other touchscreen smartphones has been released. It’s a hardware gamepad designed to clamp on to your device adding a Digital Dpad, 2 analog nubs, 6 face buttons and 2 rear buttons.. The way this connects to your phone is via Bluetooth. The unit has a 1500mAH battery, which is charged using USB. To get the full experience on the iPhone you will need to be jailbroken, Android is fine as it is. But don’t fear, it also works on un-jailbroken iPhone’s as well.

Current side clamps support:
iPhone 3, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPod touch (some require padding), Motorola Backflip (needs padding), Lg Optimus S, Lg Ally, Blackberry Touch, Samsung Intercept (may require adjustment), HTC Dream, T-Mobile G1, Era G1.

Furthermore, any phones which are a similar size may fit, you might have to make your own adjustments to the iCP clamps to match.

The iControlPad will cost you $75 dollars with sides, you can add other sides at $15 if you wan’t it to work with multiple devices. Alone the iControlPad costs $60 and it ships in February.


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