Electric nose lifter can lift your nose without resorting to plastic surgery

For better or for worse (likely for worse), we live in a society that is very much caught up on appearances. We see all kinds of diet fads and fashion trends, but what about when it comes to your face? Do you hate your nose? Apparently, you’re not alone.

Leave it up to Omni of Japan to come up with this strange and scary contraption. The “Beauty Lift High Nose” is designed to, well, lift your nose. When you stick this device on your schnoz for three minutes a day, it’ll “raise” the bridge of your nose to a more fashionable “I’m better than you” look. It does this by vibrating and “stimulating” the nasal bone. Go figure.

Considering some of the extremes that people are willing to take in the realm of plastic surgery, I guess this $144 gadget is still relatively mild. Even then, are you not weirded out?  No word if this will work simultaneously with the shaving helmet.

[Crunch Gear via Amazon Japan]

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