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Extensive hands-on videos with Notion Ink Adam tablet

The Android tablet market is set to explode in the next few months, thanks to the pending onslaught of Honeycomb tabs on the way, but the Notion Ink Adam is still getting a lot of attention. You can probably thank the Pixel Qi display for at least a part of that.

But, how well does it actually perform? How is that Tegra2 processor holding up? Has Notion Ink fixed up some of the quirks that plagued earlier builds of the tablet? Well, Greg of NotionInkFan has posted several video walkthroughs with the device. He looks at Flash updates, UI concerns, GPS bugs, and all sorts of other things that you might want to know.

In addition to the two vids by Greg, there are two additional videos from other people in the Notion Ink community. What do you think? Will you choose Adam over, say, the $800 Motorola XOOM?




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  1. thanks for the review – this puts many things in perspective
    looks like I’m convinced to buy an adam

  2. Considering Adam

    I am qualified for a pre-order and once I convince my spouse, I will place an order for an LCD version of Adam. I hear that the colors appear dull in the Pixel Qi version of Adam, but the LCD version is both cheaper and looks better. I have kindle for reading books and dont need to do that on Adam.

    Why would any one choose Xoom is beyond me. Xoom is twice as expensive for the same (or limited) feature set.

  3. this is a very interesting video on Notion Ink Adam tablet. It has a plenty of features. I really like it.

  4. Betrayers of the Trust

    I have been watching Adam. I really am rooting for these guys and gals. I own Apple machines but have been reluctant to purchase an I-pad primarily due to the price points. I am encouraged Google’s OS is growing. I have plenty of time to purchase a tablet. For me, there is little urgency. I look forward to a true finished product thereby allowing me to make an informed decision. Maybe I will become and Adam Fanboy. Hmmm…that sounds kind of weird. Maybe I will just call myself a PRAWN.. (Person Refusing Apple’s With Notion)

  5. I wouldn’t choose either. I would instead wait a few more months till other tablets come onto the market and make some hands on comparisons. Notion ink may be more affordable, but since it is a start-up company there’s no telling if they’ll be around next year or for the rest of this year for that matter. I can afford to wait a few more months before I spend my hard earned cash on something I’ll be using for the next couple of years.

    Also, considering Notion Ink is a new company, articles like the one below aren’t very encouraging.


    • @Ray, Haha, more people like you the better, currently the queue for the pre-order is too long like those Big Wall of Chine. Good riddance 😛

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