Zyxel pocket 3G router challenges MiFi by sharing USB sticks


zyxel  Zyxel pocket 3G router challenges MiFi by sharing USB sticksA lot of people are really happy with those MiFi devices, but they tend to be carrier-locked and a little restrictive. Challenging this emerging market is the Zyxel MWR211.

On the surface, it looks like a rather unassuming and nondescript grey box. What makes it interesting is that you can attach just about any USB Internet stick to this and it’ll take that web access, broadcasting it out just like your wireless router at home. Furthermore, it can support as many connected devices as you’d like, unlike the typical five device limit on MiFi devices from Novatel and crew.

If you really want, there’s even an Ethernet jack in there for connecting to a more conventional modem. The USB modem part is carrier-independent, as you’d expect, so that’s pretty useful for traveling. On the downside, it’s a heck of a lot uglier than the comparatively slick MiFi modems.

In any case, the pocket 3G router has an official MSRP of $115, but the street price is closer to $85 or so.


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