Pentel’s text-saving pen to play nice with Android soon


airpen  Pentel's text-saving pen to play nice with Android soon
Even though we have come to rely on an increasingly large number of electronics, there is still something to be said about the old pen and paper. The trouble is, how do you get those dead tree scribblings into digital form?

The Airpen Mini from Pentel has been doing this kind of song and dance for a while, but it has only worked with PCs and Macs thus far. Well, they’re not shifting gears over to Google Android. A new app will be released next month that allow you to use the multi-purpose pen with your smartphone or tablet.

Whatever you happen to write with the pen, on an actual piece of paper, will get saved and transferred accordingly. You could, of course, just use a notetaking app on your Android device of choice, but sometimes writing for real just feels more natural… even if it involves an extra receiver, an extra app, and a few random cocktail napkins.


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