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Sony PSP2 unveiled as the NGP: Quad-core craziness

The Sony PSP2, codename the Next Generation Portable (NGP) was unveiled in Tokyo today. The portable gaming device features a 5-inch OLED (960×544) touchscreen, dual cameras, a touch-sensitive panel on the back adding for extra control, a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU and PowerVR SGX534MP4+ GPU, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, and lets not forget dual analog joysticks.

This is quite the little package to be toting around, if I didn’t see yesterdays news I would call THIS the PlayStation Phone.

UMD has disappeared to no ones surprise. It will be replaced by a new format, Sony likes making new formats. SIXAXIS controls, accelerometer, analog D-Pad, four button cross controls, even the Left/Right shoulder triggers will give you full game play in any combination thinkable.

Gizmodo reports that the rear touch-sensitive panel is nearly the same size as the front display and can respond to multi-touch inputs simultaneously. One game demo showed how you could flick beach balls up into the air with the rear panel. When you touch a specific spot on the rear panel, it will respond as though it was in the same area on the front screen.

The Near app will let you see who is nearby and what they are playing and buy that from the PlayStation Store. It wasn’t mentioned, but i’m sure you could just the same play those “Near” people in multiplayer mode.

This is a huge release for Sony, it’s got an insane amount of power in it and if it sells for around the $300 price point like we hope it will, it’ll be quite the steal. Surprising too that it came the day after engadget released hands-on shots of the Playstation Phone, akak Xperia Play.



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  1. how much is this thing ? and how long will its battery last ?

  2. wooow is great! i can wait to buy it, i just love it..it’s awsome. i have the old one but i will buy this too. Near gaming is awsome…everybody need to try this

  3. This one has really got an awesome design and it is comprehensive and easy to use. Its looks so attractive and flexibles. I can’t wait but to grab it on my thumbs. Hats off to the designer and the persons who was involved to make it so. xxx

  4. Wow i wasn’t a big fan of the PSP but this one definitely cached my eye
    specially the design
    great improvement by Sony and for sure will pick this one up
    the near gaming app to find other players around you is definitely something that exites me a lot, look forward to this :)

  5. This is CrAzY!! Sony is going out of control with this stuff. The technology these days just absolutely amazes me! I will be sure to pick up one of these bad boys when they come out.

  6. Totally this great design. Innovative, sleek and I can see it being the new gift all kids will want for birthdays etc.

    My son wants ones so hence me looking into it!

    He apparently wants one because he can find mates on them with a great app?


  7. This looks like a must buy, I’m intrigued by the rear panel control.

  8. I think the psp2 looks awesome. The features sound amazing, I can’t wait to try one…I have the old one but this one looks way better!

  9. This a great product everyone should get one the umd being gone has really help this console out!!!! Get one and have some fun!!!!

  10. I recommend everyone to own one of these they are very fun. You can play it anywhere this is a great product!!!!

  11. udeserve2bloved


  12. I like the way the new psp2 looks. It has a great design and it looks like something I would want to get. Would be interesting to see how well the touch screen works. The near app also seems like a great idea.

  13. I love this new design. It is innovative, sleek and I can see it being the new “it” thing. I honestly think that this is the new technology out there

  14. The new PSP2 looks fantastic, I have the old one and I’m a big playstation fan in general. Glad UMD is gone as I used to scratch all my old games leaving them laying around! Do you know what they are replacing it with? Will definitely be buying this! Nice review!

  15. Very good looking piece of kit. Looks like I better start saving now, as I really want this.

  16. Amazing, reminds me of the 1st gen psp which i have and still play,
    i don’t think umds are necessary if you have the harddrive and the online marketplace. The Xperia smartphones gave this the idea?

  17. I really enjoy playing games, the looks of the version 1 was better I guess, but expecting this one to be cooler with more functionalities

  18. That is so cool! I don’t have the old one, but I can’t wait until this one comes out.

  19. Yo this is tight!!! Def gonna get this?? When does it come out officially??

  20. I really like the new design. I had one of the original psps. I loved it. However there was room for advancement and I think that they have found it with the psp2. It was no surprise that they are getting rid of umd. I would love to see just straight mem cards. The near gaming app sounds pretty cool. Much like the ps3 only limited. I would like to see it set up more like the ps3 online gaming. That would rock! But I’m sure I will still have to pick one of these bad boys up when they come out!!

  21. I’ve always been a fan of sony. I love that this psp2 has joysticks, now i’ll wonder how i lived without them. The near gaming app is a huge plus.

  22. Oh yeh, that’s looks tight. Unbelievably better graphics and better controls. I different prefer that over the original psp. I would definitely get one for myself : D

  23. This is a really cool play station, a slick and feature full tech gadget Sony ever make, i need add a piece of it for my gaming collection.

  24. I had an original PSP. I was one of those kids who was convinced that I had to have it, and I couldn’t live without it. I barely even used it, and eventually sold it. I do think that the new PSP2 looks promising, with everything it is said to have. $300 looks like a steal for what you get. I would look into buying one.

  25. This is one great toy to have, I think I’m gonna get one sooner or late..
    I heard that they will add flash and a memory stick for more memory..
    I especially like the “Near app” I think its cool to find other players around you, I sensing a challenge..

  26. The PSP2 looks sick! I already have a PSP, so I would definitely get this one!

  27. The Near app seems pretty cool, if nothing else you can check out what others around you are playing. This could make for more fun rides on public transportation. or even just walking around town.

  28. it’s very great ^_^

  29. I actually just bought a PS3 and Gran turismo 5 today but this really looks awesome, I wonder if this supports Grand theft auto 4..

  30. Looks pretty sweet. The bigger the screen the better. Better games than those smartphone apps. Looking forward to getting one myself. I’ll probably wait until first price drop.

  31. Reading this makes me think the NGP could be a real smartphone-killer. Particularly impressed with the quad-core processor. Although I have an older PSP I definitely will be getting this newgen unit when available.

  32. This PSP is so cool. I`m definitely gonna buy this PSP when it comes out.

  33. this looks awesome, im definitly going to get one!

  34. I think this is a great idea and will get one asap. I haven’t got the old one but I play my friend’s one a lot. Hopefully all my friends will get one too so we can network them. Yay!

  35. The led is stunning and the graphic capability of the ps3 in a hand held is very appealing but the price tag is probably going to be expensive so I probably wont buy it if its more expensive than the 3ds.

  36. Xperia Arc, Xperia Play, Quad-core psp2 ? Sony is back… loud and clear.

  37. Is this is contest if it is then i want this fantastic psp2 i had played on i love to play games and all it has various that u only get in pc or laptop i can do any thing to win this

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