Sneak peek: Next-generation HTC flagship smartphone caught on camera

Not surprisingly, the details are super-sketchy at this point and nothing has been confirmed by the guys and gals at HTC, but here it is. A rogue photographer has managed to snap a few pictures of what we believe to be the next HTC flagship smartphone.

This comes ahead of the Mobile World Congress that’s set to take place next month. The pics were snapped in a Taipei subway station and the yet-unnamed device looks quite a bit like the old Nexus One, except without the little trackball thing in the bottom.

What we can see is a front-facing camera (complete with chrome ring) near the earpiece and an obvious installation of Google Android. Yes, HTC is dabbling in Windows Phone 7 these days too, but The Googs is still HTC’s bff, at least in the short term.

If this is the same buttonless HTC phone that was seen in the other leak, then it’ll likely have the same Droid Incredible-styled backplate too. Not that I’m complaining. It gave the phone a distinct personality, don’t you think?


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