Google Cloud Print enables iPhone and iPad printing thanks to HTML5


google-cloud-print Google Cloud Print enables iPhone and iPad printing thanks to HTML5So, you’re on vacation on some brilliant beach, casually sipping on an umbrella drink when you get a phone call from your desperate co-worker back home. He needs the TPS report he sent you last week and he needs it right now.

Even if he is having a case of the Mondays, Cloud Print from Google could come to the rescue. The idea is that you can boot up the HTML5-based Gmail mobile site on your iPhone, iPad, or Android 2.1 device (or anything else that does HTML5, really), and send the request to print over your cellular data connection.

Boom! Back at home base, your co-worker sees the TPS report spitting out of the printer connected to your cubicle. Done and done. This goes so much further than the AirPrint solution from Apple, because you don’t need to be connected to the same network as the printer and you don’t need a special AirPrint printer; it just works, so long as you’ve got the printer connected to an Internet-capable Windows PC.

Google Cloud Print isn’t new, but the mobile variation is. Look for the Google Team to roll out this feature in beta for select American users later this week.

[BGR via Google]

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