Twitter’s got worms

If you’ve got a Twitter account you’ll want to be extra suspicious of any links for the time being. A new worm has been found posting shortened url links through unsuspecting Tweeters’ accounts to bring traffic to a bogus antivirus website.

The link brings you to the website of Security Shield, a malware program (Trojan/FakeAV-CMG) masquerading as PC security software.

Twitter’s Safety account released an update claiming Twitter is “working to remove the malware links and reset passwords on compromised accounts.”

If it appears somebody has been using your account to post the links without your permission, change your password ASAP, remove the tweet with the link and maybe take a sec to post a “heads up” to your followers. More importantly, if you’ve given somebody permission to post these links – or any spam or links to malware – using your account, please kindly erase yourself.

[Kaspersky, Sophos]

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  1. cassie18 says:

    I dont have a twitter account but wa thinking about gettiing one for some time. it seems like nothings safe these days and you always have to be on your guard. its not fair.

  2. Michelle says:

    I clicked on a link that some one else had tweeted and it gave me a virus. Now it says i am following 90 something people that i have never heard of before. I’m not sure how to delete every link type message. I guess I just change my password because this a particular virus that is put to people via other people, it sends links to people. Looks like it started when a cracker or haker decided to check for flaws in tweeters site. They probably found some in tweeters XSS system and installed their special made virus, but he had to wait until someone logged in to compleltly hack their profile, so when they got on he sent messages to people on the profile account and eventualy I got it in the form of a link. I hope you give tips on how to fix this issue.


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