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Sony to officially announce PSP2 before end of month?

With all the news, rumors, hearsay, and even videos of the upcoming Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone (XPERIA Play), we’ve almost forgotten that it’s not really meant to be the official successor to the original PSP. Well, Sony hasn’t forgotten and it looks like the PSP2 is going to be unveiled to us before the end of the month.

According to the rumors, Sony is hosting an event in Tokyo on January 27 and it is there that they will take the cover off the of the real next-generation PSP. Rememeber that the current PSP Go isn’t really a PSP2. Even Sony itself has been quoted as saying that the PSP Go is more akin to a PSP 1.5 than anything else.

I’m not entire surely what to expect with the next-generation PSP, but I imagine the form factor will remain much the same. They might toss in a touchscreen, but for the hardcore gamers in the audience, a second thumbstick would be much more appreciated.

On a related note, the rumors are saying that the XPERIA Play will make its debut at MWC 2011. That happens from February 14 to February 17. I wonder if the new PSP2 will have pre-emptively taken the wind out of the PSPhone’s sails by then.



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  1. briannecrystal

    I never actually had the chance to try out a PSP Go, but I heard that most people don’t seem too satisfied with it. Can’t wait to here more about this.

  2. Im not really into hand held gaming as much as I was as a kid but i think im starting to reconsider this and purchasing ne as soon as its released! The touchscreen would be pretty neat if they added it, im hoping they can play ps3 games!

  3. I like it… But the analog sticks need to be on the bottom… That cant resemble playstation if it doesnt have the analog sticks in the bottom…. And it better play ps3 games… U have phones that project 480p 720p… I hope it has a built in camera as well… And if they can 3g as well… But kind of like a pay as u go for the 3g service.. u kno how xbox charges u to have xbox live… They should have like a psp 3g online type of thing besides the wi-fi so u can really have fun with your psp anywhere go… Imagine that?? Man jailbreaking the psp with a 3g provider… That would b out of this world… Def can wait to see and get the new PSP!!!

  4. I think the PSP2 sounds great. I look forward to its release. A touchscreen would be a great idea and I hope it will be a feature…Can’t wait to see one!

  5. please, oh please come with a replaceable battery. Of course the extra analog stick would be nice and how about the ability to sync with the PS3 controller without a ps3? HDMI out would be a nice touch as well… and backwards compatibility with psp dl content would be the icing on the cake. I am looking forward to the 27th!

  6. I’ve never really been into portable gaming devices. I guess I just like full-sized graphics. If it can play games in 3D, that would be sweet. I hope they have some kind of firewall to protect users if surfing the web. Will it have the same games as the PS3?

  7. I really liek the new design and I hope the rumors are true that it will be released sooner than later. Can’t wait for Jan 27 😛

  8. I’m quite interested to see the PSP2. Despite the shortcomings of the PSP Go I still quite like the device. Hoping that most of the good features will be there on the next one.

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