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Computers replace teachers in Florida

Over 7,000 students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools are enrolled in virtual classrooms, or e-learning labs. Core subjects are taken on computers, and instead of a teacher, there is a “facilitator” in the room who makes sure the students are actually doing their work. The facilitator also gives tech help.

The e-learning labs were put into place last August because of Florida’s Class Size Reduction Amendment. Passed in 2002, the amendment limits high school classes to 25 students for core subjects, like English or Math. Since the amendment only applies to classrooms, schools in Florida lumped their students into e-learning labs.

Some of the students had the choice of whether they wanted to take a class in an e-learning lab, but most of them were registered automatically. The new labs shocked some of the students, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise. When was the last time a kid wrote a research paper by hand, poring over books in the library?

As for teachers who fear that they will be replaced with supercomputers who have a database of all human knowledge and can even play on Jeopardy, they don’t have to worry – students can contact instructors online if they don’t understand a concept.



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  1. And we all wonder way are kids cant even spell and handwrite ? That’s why we are so far behind in education . We can’t get enough teachers that want to teach kids

  2. It is unavoidable for Florida ‘s school to let computer take over some of the teaching jobs if there ain’t enough teacher to deploy in every class room due to class size reduction amendment passed in 2002. But there is still needs for teacher on hand where students can contact in real time when face with study problem like can’t understand the concept, or a theory. Computer can diplay all the knowledges in the world, but can’t replace the human brain and intelligent often lack in student.

  3. This article could be a companion article of “Are computers the new generation parents?”

  4. The point of a professor is to enlighten their students accenting what they have learnt from their text books or electronic material. Without clarification a student can enroll in computer engineering or any mathematical field and still not know how the formula applies without the explanation of a human teacher.

    The problem is that a computer has limited adaptability when it comes to understanding the reason why the student may not understand the material. It could be a learning disability or an issue with reading but the computer will not be able to access this from my point of view not yet anyways.

  5. In very near future,it will happen in most of the institutions as i think. machines are taking human place slowly.But i dont think a supercomputer can place the human being.Thats just my opinion.

  6. It’s possible all schools will have the virtual class in the future and teachers will only to give the lecture or give assignmnet from a website ot student;s e-mail. But, I think even though computer will repalce teachers, but social relationship is still be needed. Maybe teachers will give the students group assignment.

  7. It will sure happen in not so far future… I heard that already japanese are using robots to teach english.. maybe someday we will call our teacher like this: eb6209 (math), s2a09 as our zoology madam…

  8. so true about library kids probably dont even know where they are anymore and probably cant even hand write anymore……

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