Trypoxy is a futuristic concept phone adding beauty to enhanced browsing

When I first loaded the photo of the Trypoxy concept phone on Firefox, I thought I had stumbled upon the most gorgeous futuristic egg chair ever. But upon closer inspection, I realized Trypoxy is no chair. It is, in fact, the most gorgeous futuristic egg phone ever.

Designed on the premise of easy single-handed use, the “smooth pebble” of a smartphone can be used in its closed position just fine. But when you pop out the back section, a squishy “soft gel grab extension provides a better fit by sliding between your fingers.

Trypoxy doesn’t stop there. Within the soft gel on the back side, intuitive simulated buttons and built-in controls allow users to pinch and squeeze their way through the internet, scrolling and moving back and forth through pages.

“You can operate it without an effort,” read the design notes. “You can control Trypoxy freely, using your five fingers, just like experienced musical players play their instruments.”

[Yanko Design]

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