Angry Birds Knock on Wood: The Angry Birds board game by Mattel

Getting bored with Angry Birds yet? Well, here’s a jump from virtual to “real.” Mattel has licensed the Rovio game and translated Angry Birds the mobile slinger game into Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game. This is not an app for your smartphone; I repeat, this is not an App. It’s the real deal. You get plastic birds and pigs along with the necessary building blocks to construct the egg-stealing hogs’ fortresses of solitude.

On display at CES of all places, the tabletop game is actually a multiplayer endeavor, quite unlike the single-player thing on your touchscreen phone. You pull a mission card, your opponent builds the structure on the card, and then you sling your bird into said structure. Yes, there’s a slingshot too. And no, you can’t tap the yellow bird for a speed boost.

I don’t know if this will really take off (no pun intended), but it shows the power of branding. Expect Mattel’s take on Angry Birds to launch this May for $14.99. Sound effects not included.

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  1. Amandine says:

    where can you buy that ?Is it available in the philippines?

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