Apple’s App store set to pull in $2 billion in 2011

Gartner estimated the app market had hit $4 billion in 2010, and will grow to $27 billion by 2013. With Apple’s app store expected to pull in $2 billion this year alone. Add to that the rumor of a February launch of an iPhone that works on Verizon -– the largest network in the U.S. — greater availability will mean more new users with new phones to fill with new apps.

Not to mention the upcoming iPad 2 that many have been advising consumers to hold out on the original for.

My only question is whether that estimate includes sales from the Mac App store, which will be opening Jan. 6 (probably non-coincidentally the same day as the opening of the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show). Sales from the Mac App store will likely average $15 or $20 rather than $1 or $5 in the mobile version. Either way we have an exciting year ahead of us for devices and the software which can run on said devices.

[BGR via Tech Crunch, Mac App Store]

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  1. moi says:

    I guess that means Android Marketplace also had $2 billion (or close) as well… Biased Article…

  2. Steven says:

    Amazing low ball of the estimate. What do these whack-o analysts smoke?

    Apple paid out over 1,000,000,000 USD in less than the first 12 months. With increased consumption and prices/revenue (due to iPad) AND increased market share gains, these people only less than 100% growth year over year.

    My prediction. Apple will reach that 2,000,000,000 goal by June.

  3. jabberwolf says:

    Wow .. 2 billion for all those applications that Apple didnt write.. they make 2 billion from raping earnings from developers sales.

    How wonderful !!

    • ottoauto says:

      @jabberwolf, And the grocery store sells you food without marking it up?
      And the developers hire programmers from India…
      And retailers wouldn’t dream of marking up those pants they had shipped over from china that cost them $3 each…

      face it… everyone rapes everyone. However, if you ARE willing to pay full price for everything… well, I DO have a great car for you to look at..

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