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A face to the rumors: Will the PSP2 look like this?

About a month ago a few grainy pictures of what looked like a PSP2 were leaked, and following that the rumor mill started to buzz with speculations on what the actual product will look like. Now we have been treated to clearer, more official looking images of a mock-up PSP2, though take note that these images are not from Sony.

They were commissioned by PSM3, and were made by a third-party designer, to add to their recent magazine article highlighting and speculating on the PSP2 and the unofficial PlayStation Phone. The designer looks to have used the earlier released photos and recent rumors as a base to create the mock-ups.

They do look official and had it not mentioned many would have taken it as that. It seems to follow the direction that PlayStation took with the PSP Go, using the slider to conceal the actual controls of the system, giving it a very sleek and smooth look. The mock-up also sports the much-anticipated dual joysticks, which will give the handheld a much more console gaming feel, to the delight of casual and hardcore fans alike. And a newer addition to the system, the handheld mock-up includes a large touch screen on the back of the system.

Whether or not this mock-up is going to be an accurate representation of what we can expect from Sony, is up in the air until we get our first official look. But for now it is just nice to be able to put a face to all the rumors that have been circulating.

[Gizmodo via PSM2]



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  1. “They do look official..”
    No, they just look professional. Anyone with a computer and with some spare time could come up with the same images. Photos of unreleased products are created all the time by people that like to mess with other people. I bet the person that created this is stocked on how much attention this is getting.

  2. no this is not a final product it is just the dev kit. the real product i hope has nothing in common with with crap. if it comes out and looks like this im not buying i dont care if its free

  3. analog stick in wrong spot. needs to be below directional buttons like the ps3 controler

  4. Yeah Sony will let this kind of info out…NOT!

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