Increased Q1 shipment goals point toward imminent CDMA iPhone launch


142240-white_iphone_4_dock  Increased Q1 shipment goals point toward imminent CDMA iPhone launchAh yes, the CDMA iPhone. The long-since rumored device that was supposed to show up at Verizon, thus taking away the iPhone exclusivity of AT&T. When will that day ever arrive? Well, we’ve found some more “evidence” that the CDMA iPhone could be making its freshman foray into the world in the next quarter.

Looking toward some of the component suppliers that Apple uses, they have indicated that the Cupertino management team have increased “shipment goals” for the iPhone in Q1 2011. The goal was initially set for 19 million units in the first quarter of next year, but now they’re aiming for between 20 and 21 million units.

Now, this is wholly conjecture and speculation, but why would Apple choose to suddenly increase its shipment goals unless it was expecting to suddenly experience an increase in sales? It’s possible that we could be on the cusp of something like an iPhone 4S, but it also quite likely that the 21 million figure factors in more than a few CDMA units coming out of the factory.

To put things into perspective, Apple is expected to wrap up 2010 with a total of 47 million iPhones shipped in the calendar year.

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