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Hackulous Mobile Hunt is a reverse BitTorrent for jailbroken iPhone apps

If you were to cast aside all the potental legal ramifications, the concept and infrastructure behind BitTorrent is quite a brilliant one. Instead of downloading your desired file from a single source, you download little pieces of that file from many other sources. What if you could take the same idea and apply it in reverse for mobile apps?

That’s precisely what Mobile Hunt from Hackulous is designed to do. If it finds an app on your iPhone that is currently not available in its pirate app store, then it will ask to start a background upload of that app from your iPhone to their servers. The same thing will happen to other iPhone users who have the same app until Hackulous has compiled all its little pieces and put together the full app.

Yes, this is going to use up some of your mobile data, to be sure, but it’s for the good of the jailbroken iPhone pirate community. Moving forward, Hackulous plans on creating something similar to Mobile Hunt for the Mac App Store, but it won’t do that until there are enough “crap” apps i the Mac App Store to make a hack store worthwhile.

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  1. Maybe Hackalous or Jay Freeman or somebody out there should also try to create an itunes-like software for jailbroken iphones, ipod and ipad, design to sync apps or music etc. downloaded from cydia or installous.

  2. this will definitely change everything. lets face it, everyone wants a free copy fast and to be realistic, a lot of these developers who complains about piracy also did get into it. music or apps, its clear that everyone likes it and they just have to face reality. and with this new concept, majority of the users would be sharing copywrited materials. don’t get me wrong, im not against this. im just hoping nothing gets on their way doing this (will make my life easier, fun and cashless downloads. hehe)

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