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More Apple iPad 2 design rumors rise to the surface

Rise, Lord Vader. Rise! As always, we should take these rumors with a serious grain of salt, but a whole slew of rumored features have now been leaked out on the Internet pertaining to the upcoming iPad 2 from Steve Jobs and crew at Apple.

If you were hoping to get a Galaxy Tab-esque 7-inch screen for this go-around, you’ll likely be disappointed. The rumored reports, coming from a Japanese blog citing Chinese sources, point toward the same sized display as the current iPad, but with a thinner bezel all the way around. This will make for a slightly more compact device, but not really.

While the precise design has not been leaked, there are indications that the next-gen iPad (iPad 2G, if you will) will have a flatter back side. This could be borrowing some design cues from the iPhone 4, allowing the Apple iPad 2 to sit flat on a table.

Oh, and remember those iPad 2 cases we saw earlier this month? What we hoped was an SD slot just might be a bigger speaker after all. More people are watching videos (and playing Angry Birds) on there, so I guess Apple wants to provide bigger sound.

Based on these rumors, the iPad 2 doesn’t sound all that different than the first one. Let’s hope those other rumors about an SD slot, dual cameras, and other bigger changes hold true.




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  1. I agree with Brankica, the iPad 2G seems to be just like an iPod Touch that is less convinient to carry around. By the time they make the changes to the iPad, the iPod Touch will probably have better additions.

  2. I didn’t want to get the iPad 1 cause I thought the second gen. would be much better, like almost everything is after it get’s tested a bit. But this doesn’t sound promising. Making it thinner won’t make it easier to carry around, it’s not like it weight a tone and it will be half a tone now :)
    I was hoping for many more features but all I can see (for now) is that it is almost like having a bigger iPod touch :(
    Hope they will come up with something better.

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