E Mobile’s new pocket WiFi/smartphone combo is a traveller’s dream

E Mobile’s new pocket WiFi/smartphone combo is a traveller’s dream


If you’ve ever gone backpacking through another country or continent you’re probably well aware of the constant headache that WiFi searching can be. Wandering around in search of call centres and internet cafes that charge by the minute. Buying overpriced coffee to use café WiFi. Dropping a coin in to pay phones or cheap, grabbing local pay-as-you-go cell phones whenever you want to order a pizza or call a cab. The costs add up – and if time really is money, the inconvenience of it all definitely adds to the equation.

Luckily, for those planning to travel to Japan, E Mobile has effectively killed these two bird with one sleek, metallic-blue stone.

The $235 “Pocket WiFi” combines a mobile WiFi router with an Android smartphone, and with plans starting at about $50 per month, combines and cuts down on a traveller’s communication expenses in a huge way.

Plus, you know what they say: The best camera is the one you’ve got with you. And with a 3.2 Megapixel camera, your photos will be the perfect size to send back to friends and family over a mobile connection.

I’ll be honest when I say it’s a bit out of the average vagabond’s price range. But then again, so is travel in Japan.


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