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Word Lens lets you see in another language

Your jaw may hit the floor after watching the demo video for the latest and greatest app for the iPhone. It’s called Word Lens, and it utilizes the camera on your iPhone alongside Optical Character Recognition technology to translate written words from one language to another. It can translate road signs, restaurant menus, and pretty much anything you would find useful to read in a foreign language during your travels.

As of right now there is only support for English and Spanish languages, you are able to translate from one to the other at an instant. Co-Creator Otavio Good has said that they will most likely be adding French next, followed by Italian and Portuguese. He also went on to say, “The translation isn’t perfect, but it gets the point across.” If you want to have a hands-on demo of the app, it is available for download now, and comes free with a demo program that spells words backwards, the full translation app will cost you $4.99.



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  1. >implying those translations don’t suck

  2. Whoever created this program really needs to learn how to speak spanish. The words are LITERALLY translated from english to spanish. The syntax makes absolutely no sense. This does not encourage people to learn another language; especially if the translations are incorrect. The creator needs to work out these kinks…pronto. Gracias.

    P.S. Here are the correct translations:

    Salchichas a la parilla, papitas fritas, limonada

    Y va en la otra dirección

  3. TransImage is another image translation application available for the iPhone. It’s a great, free option that has translations available in over 30 pre-installed languages. http://www.transperfect.com/marketing/iphone/transimage.html

  4. Great lets just encourage people to learn fewer languages. It’s sad enough most Americans only speak one or two.

  5. This looks awesome I don know how it does it but it just does it,instant translation even on a sign? jeez thats whack

  6. I’m a professional translator. The 2 translations that they show are really bad. I can imagine it only gets worse.

  7. You need a tripod for this. Small hand movements screws it up. It doesn’t recognize most letters. It flashes on and off real quick. It doesn’t work well yet.

  8. Looks totally bogus

  9. Definitely not like the video… In fact, it is a waste of money right now! The video here must have been “altered? because the product does NOT work like this at all. The translations jump from one word to the next making it nearly impossible to read anything. It really bothers me that you would make it look like something it is not.



  10. that’s kind of neat

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