Wild About Books iPad app for children goes on sale tomorrow

The iPad is many things, and tomorrow it will become an interactive children’s book with the addition of the Wild About Books app for iPad. The release of this app will follow with more 3D interactive interpretations of children’s books like Pat the Bunny, Little Golden Books, a in the months ahead.

Scenes in the story are animated and interactive, children can tilt, swipe and tap through the story. Speed of the narration can be adjusted to each reader, or turned off all together. One book allows the reader to flip monkeys, make beach balls bounce, animals stampede or bears burp. It sounds all very exciting, children will be enamored with the fun animations while hopefully providing them with an educational experience. The app becomes available tomorrow on iTunes for $4.99 (regular $7.99).

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  1. Apple is the most innovative company in the world ! I’m waiting for tomorrow, I don’t know about the price, but the idea is great and unresistant !

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