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T-Mobile working on Android Sidekick?

T-Mobile has gone grassroots to aid in the design of the newest Sidekick. Catapulting themselves into the user-feedback world of Twitter, they have asked their customers a very big question: “What would you like to see happen with Sidekick? Give us your wish list”.

We were a little surprised to see this coming now since rumours around a new Android-powered Sidekick “Twist” ran rampant earlier this year. The Android connection is an important one because of the prolific Andy Rubin. Beyond being the proud poppa of Android, Rubin co-founded Danger Inc. in a past life which produced the Danger Hiptop. That darned Hiptop was later re-branded as the T-Mobile Sidekick. Given all the parallels and intersections it’s not a stretch to say an Android-powered Sidekick could still be in the works here. And their union would be beautiful.

In the meantime, we definitely encourage current (and potential) Sidekick users to get their Tweets out to T-Mobile. Ignoring the obvious suggestion (make it an iPhone 4), we actually think this is a great idea. Twitter has made all the big companies increasingly self-conscious of what their customers are saying about them; and we can assure you, they’re listening. If consumer-provider relations were high school, then Twitter would be the forum for catty girls who mock your hairstyle, extra-curricular activities, acne and those hand-me-down jeans your mom made you wear. T-Mobile has decided all comments, good and bad, are constructive criticism and plan to make the best darned trendy, acne-free Sidekick ever!

[TmoNews via @T-Mobile]



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  1. I like sidekick but I just dont like the software so I think that including Android for their phones is such a big step for the company.
    I cant way to try the new phone and leave some comments with my experience

  2. I’ve been in business for myself for 18 years and I love my SIDEKICK 2 (on my 4th one so far). to help me run my online e commerce business. Yes, I know the screen is small but it does not get blocked by a virtual keyboard and direct sunlight helps it. Did I mention it’s still the BEST physical keyboard in the business. All I really need is my email and a little web on the side.

    Imagine the best keyboard, swivel screen factored on top of Android. WOW!

    Message to Andy Rubin and Google: Buy Danger from the idiots at MS and go retro. It’s an amazing tool.

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