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Hands-on with BlackBerry PlayBook tablet (video)

Are you on the verge of buying an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, but you’re intrigued by the possibilities of the upcoming RIM PlayBook? Let’s add to that intrigue, because here is a complete hands-on walkthrough video of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

The demo runs through quite a few of the tablet’s main features, including the QNX-sourced operating system of course. Everything looks to be running very silky smooth and it has derived some menu inspirations from both Android and iOS.

The multitasking is particularly impressive with large “thumbnail” images shown in a CoverFlow-like manner. In the demo, he has the music player, photo app, and video player all running at the same time. Like Windows 7, the “thumbnail” of the video player is actually showing the video. That’s neat, but surely a battery drain.

They also run through some other nifty things like closing open apps in the multitasking manager (swipe it up), the built-in camera app, and so on. Interestingly, there’s no demo of Flash support, which is supposed to be a big selling point over the iPad.

Overall, it looks pretty darn cool, though I find that the bezel is a little too “fat” around the color display. What do you think? Does RIM have an iPad killer on its hands, or just an iPad clone?




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  1. So no 3g network. Do you still have to pay for BIS even though you only have WiFi connectivity?

    • @Wes, as I understand it, the point is that you’re supposed to tether to your BlackBerry and that’s how RIM is marketing the PlayBook. So, no, it doesn’t have its own 3G connection.

  2. IPad “clone” is rediculous. There are many different manufacturers of computers cars even toilet paper. Nobody copied anyone … There are just different choices.

    The blackberry version has a much better web browsing capability compared to the iPad.
    It seems like the Samsung tablet has issues where the Android OS is not optimized for the larger screen (larger compared to the smartphones it was created for). In a few mnths iPad2 … Newer Andriod?

    Blackberry, Apple, Andriod (Samsung etc.)
    Three choices for different people.
    Facebook crowd – Andriod
    LinkedIn crowd – Blackberry
    Apple? – people who like to wear what the crowd wears and drive BMWs

    Don’t get it confused I was just on Facebook and I am typing this from my Blackberry, but there was a study a few mths ago linking people with certain incomes to certain social networking sites. Different choices for different people.

    Multiple choices are good … Pick your choice not what your cool cousin Joey told you was cool, because he only heard it from Vinny in his morning math class, who heard it from the cool kids who tried to go to website and couldn’t view it from their iPads since it required Adobe Flash.

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