New ROMs give most Android phones a taste of Gingerbread


gingerbread  New ROMs give most Android phones a taste of GingerbreadGoogle Android 2.3 Gingerbread is not yet officially available for devices, but a few ROMs have made their way onto the Internet to give you a sneak preview. You’ll need to have a rooted phone, but these ROMs quite literally give your Android phone a “taste” of the Gingerbread yet to come.

To be fair, these ROMs cannot really be used on a daily basis for your regular web browsing and mobile tweeting needs. Instead, they’re just the SDK. What this means is that some basic functions won’t work when you flash your phone with these ROMs.

On the bright side, while flashed and rooted, you’ll have the opportunity to see what Gingerbread will look like on your phone when it’s finally ready for some 2.3-flavored primetime. When you’re done previewing, flash it back to your old ROM and you’re as good as new again.

Among the Android phones that can get a Gingerbread preview are the Droid Eris, Evo, and HTC Incredible.

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