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iFan case for iPhone really blows (in a good way)

One of the unfortunate byproducts of our addiction to gadgetry is that it may not always be so good for the environment. In order to treat mother nature a little better, Tjeerd Veenhoven fashioned together a special iPhone case that he dubs the iFan. Yeah, it’s a case with a giant fan at the top of it.

The idea with the repurposed computer cooling fan is that it can act much like a windmill, taking the power of passing gusts and harnessing it into useful electricity. This can then recharge your iPhone on the go without ever needing to plug into a wall outlet. I can’t imagine it being all that efficient, but every little bit helps.

Is it unsightly? Possibly. Will you have a very hard shoehorning this thing into your jeans pocket? Without a doubt. Even so, I could see this being an effective solution for someone going for a bike ride, mounting the phone with the iFan case to the handlebars. This way, you can use your iPhone as a GPS navigator (or music player or whatever) and keep the battery charged with the wind passing you by.

[Gadget Review via Tjeerd Veenhoven]



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  1. What a fun idea. Right now it seems a little bit odd looking but it’s stuff like this that triggers rises in technology. This idea can turn into something bigger; that’s the nature of technology. So while it may be silly seeming now– it could be foundational to the next great creation.

  2. @jpw99: I agree. I’m not convinced that cases like these will ever become mainstream, but they’re certainly interesting to consider as a niche product.

  3. I’m not sure if I see this one taking off or not. I think it’s a decent idea to make a case to recharge your iPhone, but I think this one may be taking it a little to far. The cases with the solar collectors seem to make a little more sense than this one. I guess I’ll believe it when I see one of these hanging out of a car window or on the handlebars of a bicycle!

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