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Motorola DROID 2 allegedly explodes during phone call

And you thought a cell phone leading to your impotence was the greatest of your concerns. It seems that a man out in the Dallas-Fort Worth area was in the middle of a pleasant conversation when his Motorola DROID 2 allegedly exploded in his ear.

Thankfully, the explosion is relatively minor. It’s not like the phone was packed with C4. Instead, Aaron Embry said that he was speaking on the phone when he heard a “pop.” He says that he didn’t feel any pain at the time, but when he pulled the phone away from his head, he realized that his ear was bleeding. The pop, I guess, was his ear drum bursting.

Instead of heading straight to the hospital, Embry decided to drive over to his wife’s workplace to snap a few photos. They then made their way to the hospital to get him the proper medical attention. If he’s not in any pain, I suppose it wasn’t all that urgent. Maybe he needed the photos for insurance purposes.

In any case, photos of the phone have been released on the Internet and it looks like the screen on the DROID 2 is cracked. I’m wondering if we’re back to the whole exploding battery fiasco from a couple years ago, although the phone continued to work and receive calls afterwards. Motorola is investigating.




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  1. Bogus.
    The cracks are consistent with him breaking it by sitting on the phone.

  2. To Jason:
    He wasn’t driving when this happened, he was walking according to this news article: http://www.androidcentral.com/man-hospitalized-after-droid-screen-explodes-his-ear

  3. Impossible :O must be a lie

  4. I own a Droid, and this story seems suspicious to me! If the man is seeking monetary recompense from Motorola, then I certainly hope this is investigated properly. I would like to know that my Droid is safe to use!

  5. In recent accident on the Droid 2 explosion is not possible what so ever by manufacturer defects by these reasons
    1. If and in fact this explosion was strong enough to make person`s ear bleed then the phone should not be still be together
    2. The cause of this explosion, in my analysis, has to be users accidental drops causing internal components to create spark that can cause a explosion(but this still contradicts #1)
    2-1. Or User Might have try to follow online guild to replace somethings inside(I did this with old computers and one card can make big bangs inside)
    3. Because If and in fact the explosion happened that explosion should have made the phone turned into peaces because Most phones are now Lithium-ion which is very flammable and explosive which should have the User to have a damage on Users hand
    In conclusion If and in fact this is truly Motorola `s fault then Droid 2 should be recalled In few days But If and In fact this was users fault (which I believe it is) People do not have to worry about it.AND THIS IS NOT THE ONLY PHONE WHICH EXPLODED IN FRANCE THERE WAS IPHONE 3GS EXPLOSION MANY DONT KNOW THIS BECAUSE APPLE GAVE THEM LARGE SUMS OF MONEY TO SHUT THEIR MOUTH

  6. hmmm, looks like he dropped his phone and staged this “accident”. either that, or it was karma telling him that he shouldn’t be talking on the phone while driving. imagine if he had killed someone because he was too preoccupied with talking on his cellphone and not watching the road. perhaps he should be charged for potential reckless endangerment?

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