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Google special event next week to reveal Chrome OS netbook?

If you ask some people, they’ll tell you that the netbook is dead. They’ll tell you that you’re better off choosing between a full-sized laptop or one of the new tablet devices. Well, you may soon have a suitable alternative to the MacBook Air as your netbook, because Google is hosting an event that could see the revealing of the Chrome OS netbook.

There was so much talk about this lightweight operating system for so long and then it drifted off into the background. The attention is being diverted back and the Google event on December 7 could be the venue for its unveiling. As a quick refresher, Chrome OS focuses almost exclusively on cloud computing, making for very little heavy lifting on the part of the netbook itself; everything is handled by Google’s servers.

The idea is that the netbook doesn’t need much and the Atom processors making their way around most netbooks would suit this OS just fine. The rumor is that the initial rollout of the Chrome OS netbook (NexusBook, maybe?) will be on a friends and family basis, shipping about 65,000 units worldwide. After that trial phase, Google can then decide whether it wants to go mass market with this thing.




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  1. Thanks for sharing. I am really anxious for the release of the Chrome OS notebook. Any information on the early bird list?
    Also I heard this OS supports multiple users so you can let your friends use your machine without any issues.I just hope they get privacy issues right. Other than that, can’t wait!

  2. I really hope they release this netbook for mass market! I can’t wait to get my hands on one! I have always wanted a netbook, but could never find that really had what I wanted, but this Chrome OS sounds great! Maybe the Chrome OS will even be put on desktops soon!

  3. Google Chrome is already really fast. So, ChromeOS is probably going to be very fast at loading your applications. I’ve seen netbooks work and they look pretty slow, but I expect google to at least be very speedy with their own design.

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