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Sharp Galapagos Android tablets made official

The tablet market is starting to get pretty heated. In addition to the iPad and Galaxy Tab, and RIM PlayBook, we can now expect something from Sharp in the order of a Galapagos line of tablet devices. Initial news was revealed in late September, Sharp now has followed through with an official announcement.

The Android-based tablets will come in two different sizes, neither of which carry the same dimensions as the iPad or the Galaxy Tab. Presumably, Sharp is going to manufacturer its own displays for this, since that’s a big part of their business already, and the different sizes help to differentiate these handhelds from others like them.

The smaller Sharp Galapagos tablet features a 5.5-inch screen with a 1024 x 600 resolution. If you want to go bigger, then you’ll want to opt for the one with the 10.8-inch screen with 1366 x 800 resolution. Pricing for the two units has been pegged at 39,000 Yen ($473) and 54,800 Yen ($642), respectively. Strangely enough, the tablets lack 3G and  rock 802.11b/g Wi-Fi with no support for the higher-speed N standard.

Aside from that, the exact details are still a little sketchy, but we do hear that it’ll run a skinned version of Android and rock a microSD slot for memory expansion.



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  1. @foofoo: Agreed. I’m partial to 7-inch tablets myself.

  2. Glad to see more manufacturers entering the tablet market. They don’t have to have all the features and try to knock the ipad off the throne… just create a little competition in the market. I think there is room for more than a few competitors — just look what happened with MP3 players after the original ipod came out. Still the king by far, but plenty of room for lesser competitors.

  3. I’m glad that a lot of different companies are coming out with tablets now. The competition will cause the prices to all go down. Plus, I was pretty disappointed with the iPad. It was fun to use but not very useful or practical.

  4. one is too small, one is too big. none are just right.

  5. I think that if it was a little cheaper, had two cameras, dual core processor and wifi b/g/n it would have a nice chance to be a ipad killer.

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