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CONTEST: Mobile Magazine Gadget Grab Bag Giveaway!

How do you like the new digs? As you may have noticed Mobile Magazine has just undergone a bit of an extreme makeover. We want to celebrate the new look by giving away some fabulous prizes. You do like winning free stuff, right? That’s why we’re here to hook you up!

How Do I Enter? How Can I Win?

All you have to do to enter is submit a “meaningful” comment to any story on Mobile Magazine. You can respond to the author, add some new tidbits of information, perhaps respond to another comment, or just tell us what you think. The whole idea is that we want to make a better community for everyone, so at the end of each week, we’ll select someone at random who posted a meaningful comment somewhere on the site.  You can enter more than once by commenting more and will then be able to choose one item from the gadget list below.

Starting today you can submit your comments anywhere on the site.  Next Friday we will choose our first winner, and each consecutive Friday from then until we run out of stuff to give away. We’ll keep adding prizes to the contest as they come in. Once a product has been selected, it will show the winners name (who will be contacted, so provide a valid email when commenting so we can get your shipping information) and that product will be eliminated from the list (unless we get more than one).

Remember, you can enter as much as you like, win more than once, but spam and lazy one liners will not be included. Contest open to residents of US & Canada only.

Gadget Bag  Prize List

Moshi Voice Control Bluetooth Car Speakerphone
Whether you’re in Vancouver or Los Angeles, a good number of places have a ban on using cell phones while driving. To overcome this (and to be safer on the road in general), you probably want a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone. Keeping your hands complete free is this offering from Moshi. You don’t even need to touch your phone at all to make and receive phone calls. You don’t even need to touch a button on the Voice Control Bluetooth Car Speakerphone to make it work; just say, “Hello Moshi.” and it’ll await your every command. There are 13 voice activated commands, including settings for up to five speed dials. Other features include a removable visor clip, ambient noise suppression, and echo cancellation.
Price: $79.99 from Moshi

XtremeMac Play-Through Sleeve for iPad
Are you rocking out with a shiny new Apple iPad? Do you have little to no means to protect that precious investment? How would you like to have the Play-Through Sleeve for iPad from the fine folks at XtremeMac? This full-coverage neoprene case comes with built-in screen protection, but you still have full access to all your multitouch desires from Angry Birds to iBooks. The idea with the XtremeMac Play-Though Sleeve is that it’s lightweight and “ideal for the active iPad user.” There’s a built-in headphone jack cover that’s removable too.
Price: $34.95 from XtremeMac

Ballistic: Ballistic HC for iPhone 4
Premium protective case for your iPhone 4 offers durability with style to fit your everyday life.  Made of a Ballistic HC (Hard Core) design comprised of five dependable layers of protection for your mobile device. Includes an interchangeable outer gel skin layer, front facing inward holster and built in screen protector. Advanced rugged case engineered to ensure long-term survival against drops and scratches. Advanced shock absorption material isolated vibrations to protect your device Sleek, edgy appearance adds a fashionable and unique appeal Available in: Black, Red, Pink, White and Yellow.
Price: $49.99 from Globalistic Case

Coloud: NHL Headphones
Comfortable and durable headphones with NHL team logos printed printed in 3D rubber patches. Adjustable headband, 3.5mm jack for iPod and other MP3 players. Choose from the Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, & Detroit Red Wings.
Price: $40 from Coloud

AViiQ: Portable Laptop Stand
The world’s thinnest laptop stand for the mobile pro, this can fold down to ¼” for exceptional storage and portability. It provides an optimal ergonomic angle that reduces strain on your wrist and allows air to flow underneath, dissipating heat from the laptop thus improving battery life and computing efficiency.
Price: $79.95 from AViiQ

Lemur Monitors: EconoDriver
A driving feedback accessory that will display real-time fuel consumption to help you drive greener and save money. Shows you how much money you are wasting by accelerating and braking too quickly or idling too often, can be installed easily with any vehicle’s Data Port.
Price: $79.95 from Lemur Monitors

iMainGo: X
An ultra –portable speaker system and protective case for your iPhone, iPod touch or MP3 player. Measures just 5.7” x 3.8” x 2.4” and includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and plug in charger for extended use.
Price: $69.96 from Imaingo

Scosche: sneakPeek II – Winner: Ken (Friday December, 10 2010)
A switchable HD and Standard Definition audio video output solution for the iPad, iPhone and iPod. Features both component & composite cable connections ensuring maximum compatibility. Integrated micro USB cable and included 3ft USB to micro USB cable allows users to charge during playback with 24k gold plated tips for enhanced durability and superior audio quality.
Price: $59.99 from Scosche

IDAPT i4 Universal Desktop Charger
– Winner: Ryan (Friday December, 17 2010)
Simultaneously charge four different devices and clear cord clutter with one system. Sits on your desk and allows easy access to all devices. Has 3 tip ports and one USB port and LED light indicating charge status. Supports over 3,500 brands of mobile devices, including Apple, Nintendo, PSP, Blackberry, Garmin. Comes with 6 of the most popular tips.
Price: $59.99 from iDAPT



About Michael Kwan

A freelance writer and tech geek from Vancouver. Find me at michaelkwan.com and follow me on Twitter @michaelkwan.

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  1. AVIIQ Amazing lappy stand this is what everybody want.
    really amazing.

  2. Gee. So it’s limited to one side of the pond?

    Why is that then, can’t afford the postage? :(

  3. I have bought a Moshi product before and the product was excellent. It was the Moshi clock that could tell you the room temperature by saying, “Hello Moshi, temperature.” It’s definately another luxury/gadget I don’t need but it is superb for someone like my mother who is older and can’t see very well. The clock allows her to ask for the time aloud.

    I can see how the Moshi bluetooth for your car can be a great seller if better advertised. I think this product would be great to revolutionize the bad driver industry which often consists of someone looking or reaching for a knob or button and the car tends to drift in the direction or motion of their arm.

    The ability to just say hello Moshi with both hands on the wheel and the attention still on the road (well we hope) could maybe even help with the higher rate of vehicle accidents based on cellular use.

    I for one think this is a great invention and it the sound quality is good then this is a winning product that just need a marketed voice saying, “Hey I’m Moshi say hello to me!” It’s priced right and it looks compact so get the marketing up and make more satisfied customers with the growing Moshi line.

    As for Ballistic – very similar to Otterbox no? I mean so much so I can see a future lawsuit maybe?!?

    I think the Lemur Monitors: EconoDriver is tied with the Moshi product because this actually has two benefits. First one is that it can cost money to buy but in the long run it will help save you money by monitor your driving pattern and fuel consumption based on that. This is awesome. It also allows you to monitor your idle time as we all know none of us really realize how much gas we can save lessening idle time. This is also a winner for the new year because of the new greener world we are becoming and this product allows us to move into 2011 with a cleaner start.

    It is tough to choose but the EconoDriver both a money saver and a green product.

    Moshi however allows you to be a safer driver and possibly help bad drivers save some lives.

  4. Lemur Monitors: EconoDriver ?

    Tell me about it , I recently had to replace the brake pads on my Equinox for the second time in 3 years .Honestly ? At first I didn’t believe them that is my fault when they told me “YOU” are braking too quickly !!! I sain (in my mind YEA RIGHT) .But guess what ,I think I’m going to have to re-learn how to drive better ,No joke this thing can help me ?showing me my bad habbits ?LOL
    As long as I would save money could learn new tricks :)

  5. I love the idea of the new Moshi Bluetooth Speaker!! I

  6. I’m always on the hunt for the best protection for my Iphone. Part of that is because I’m not willing to pay for the extra protection plan from Apple. I have a Speck Candyshell Case right now. Which I love! But now that I’ve seen the Ballistic HC for the Iphone, I may have to reconsider what I think the best Iphone case is out there! I’m impressed!!

  7. I love the idea of the new Moshi Bluetooth Speaker!! I remember several years ago when my dad gave me a device called Lamp Commander which is a similar concept. I had a blast using it! Last year I bought my dad the alarm clock for Christmas. He loved it because it reminded him of when we played around with the Lamp Commander. Good memories!!

  8. What great, unique prizes! Everything is great but I love headphones! My brother in law who seems to have everything, will be getting these for his bday next month…thanks for a rocking idea!

  9. I agree that iPhone 4 cover is
    Pretty sick. I need a completely water proof case. Because I live I’n Alaska and I’m outside and I’n boats alot. But I havnt found one yet.

  10. Hey Hey! Just got the Scosche sneak Peek II….very cool!!! Yay! Thank you for the contest and for such a unique group of prizes!!!

  11. Scosche: sneakPeek II

    Wowie – I had no idea there was such a thing. This would be a fantastic addition to my ipod and iphone!! Would I ever love to be able to see my iphone’s photos and videos up on the big screen!!

  12. Anyone use the iMainGo? Wonder how powerful it is..

  13. What an Amazing Prize concept , Completely unique. Bravo MMag

  14. Wow! I can’t believe that technology grows up up so fast. Ballistic HC for iPhone 4 is definitely the best for iphone 4 case, because it has cool design, thick so that it can protect the device, and also comes with the best price. I love it so much.

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