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PSP Phone rumors mount: December 9 release with $500 price tag?

Sony Ericsson phones have seen brighter days. The PSP format has too. What if they combined their powers to make a mega-device? The rumors surrounding a possible PlayStation Phone have been circling for some time, but this media invitation very clearly seems to indicate its existence… and the announcement is coming in about two weeks.

Yes, it’s all up in French, but you can clearly see the December 9th date on there, as well as the iconic PlayStation button logos… next to a phone icon stylized in the same way. The connection is undeniable and it’s being called the “most anticipated presentation of the past 10 years.”

Many of the leaked specs and pictures we’ve seen already seem to be falling into place too, including Android 2.2 (maybe even 2.3 Gingerbread), 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, slide-out controls, custom Sony Marketplace, and a large display of between 3.7 and 4.1 inches with a retina display-like resolution.

Some more good news? The games will be closer in scope to what you find on the iPhone and Android, so pricing should stay at under ten bucks, rather than the usual $40 or so that we’ve seen with conventional PSP games. In this way, it’s unlikely to be backwards compatible either. No UMD slot and even the downloadable games for the PSPgo probably won’t be a-go. This will be a new platform altogether, so they might develop some unique name to separate it from its predecessors.

The expectation is that the Sony PlayStation Phone (or PSPhone, if you prefer) will sell for $500 sans contract, though some carriers will probably offer a subsidy with an agreement too. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the anonymous tipster says the PSPhone won’t be available for the holidays and that it’s “nowhere close” to market-ready. Shucks. I was hoping for a mobile GT5 this Christmas. [Crunch Gear]



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  1. this phone is so sexy

  2. how do you order it? i want one.

  3. how do you order it? i want one.

  4. Heard abt it as it rumoured alround.bt its real i tink. the psp phone shld b able 2 play and uphold d normal psp graphics.well i tink wot will actually blow minds is if you guys can produce a ps2phone. dat will thrill d world i tell ya!

  5. Around 12 months from now , and it’ll play PSP games and PS1 games from the playstation network if it dident they would be no need to even bring out a playstation phone ,

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